Sunday, 21 April 2013

Never Ein Schlechter Sonntag in Berlin Part I.

On the Sunday I arrived, I learnt the hard way that Berlin shuts down on a Sunday. The shops and supermarkets are largely shut, and while public transport runs infinitely, it is more dispersed and a half hour wait may suffice between S Bahn trains. But, while on just a short weekend break, my parents still needed entertaining on a Sunday - you don't go on a weekend break expecting just one functioning day now, do you?

This Sunday saw two things: the unfaltering sunshine (horray for Springtime in all its late-arrival-glory!) and the Bahrain Grand Prix, and it's safe to say that both had us, as a family, preoccuppied. Using my Berlin expertise, as mentioned in my previous post(s), I crafted the Perfect Sunday for us to undertake and with my guide, you too can have a fabulous spring Sunday and on a minimal budget.

We began with breakfast in a well kept secret in Charlottenberg, in the south-west of the city, in the ‘Literaturehaus’. Settled nicely into the terraces of the town, this garden-come-restuarant provides the perfect brunch for a reasonable price.

Champagne, rye bread (flashbacks to Copenhagen), eggs scrambled/fried/poached, carrot juice, you name it you can order it. The staff were incredibly lovely and the clientele suitably sophisticated – though I’m under the impression that this may have been due to the Sunday Times recommendation...It was so, so yummy down to the locally sourced honey and jam. Mm, take me back.

Gals on tour.
Though the photo doesn't do it justice, the cafe also has a conservatory that seats up to 20 people on seperate tables, and a cafe indoors. While the interior is lacking, the food is exquisite, but be prepared to form an orderly British line at the door as it's a popular post-night-out hang out for the classier on the weekends.

With us wholly fed and watered, I suggested sneaking to the tourist spots as Sunday is ‘change over’ day in the city when the tourists are merely replaced with new ones, but this leaves the monuments more empty than on a weekday.

Correct me if I’m wrong, only both Brandenburg Tor and the Holocaust Memorial were without queue. After my parents graced the Holocaust museum, and I sought shelter with Charles Dickens in a nearby cafe, we had our token Happy Family On Holiday snap by the Tor and whisked Dad back to the hotel for the Grand Prix. (Spoilers, Vettel won!)

Family snap a la top tourist spot.

As I said - suitably deserted.

So that's your morning sorted...but what about lunch? Stay tuned for part II, coming swiftly!

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