Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Louisiana: Round Two. Not The State.

The Arken was brilliant, wasn't it? Well, just two days of post-art-recovery later, I headed to the Louisiana gallery which to Denmark what the Tate Modern is to Great Britain. While entry costs just a little bit more than the Arken Gallery, the collections are vast and transport to and from is very easy (it comes complete with its own train station and town) and sits on the coast of Zealand. I was taken there as a wee, uncultured 5 year old and could only briefly remember it, but oh my goodness did I appreciate it as a pseudo-art-fan at 18. The cafe is brilliant, but heaving, offering a traditional Danish buffet, and the shop is a must-see for Danish design fans.

The exhibition currently is 'Pop Art' which I really enjoyed, even though there is a distinct lack of Lichenstein due to his current retrospective at the Tate (which I was lucky enough to go to a few weeks ago) - it covered all bases including elements that I had never considered before i.e. the role of women in the pop art movement, has anyone else noticed that almost all the predominant pop art artists were men? Tara Donovan has also recently completed an exhibition for Louisiana and I really recommend her work; the installations are phenomonal.

Anyway, the highlights for me were the tiny pieces of Louise Bourgeios that featured and the permanent Kusama installation 'Gleaming Light of Souls' which is not too dissimilar from her 'Infinity Room' which featured in her exhibition in the Tate Modern last year too.

Made from pure buttons!

Louise Bourgeios *flails*
Kusama for the second time!
Who knew that Denmark was so into things other than design, herrings, and being wonderfully expensive? I'm totally kidding, but the Danes really have outdone themselves with their art. Really, really, really.

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