Friday, 12 April 2013

Berlin, Wo Gehst Du Hin?

Hallo aus der Haupstadt von Deustchland! I have fallen in love with Berlin immediately, and I cannot put my finger on whether this is due to the circumstance (my last chance to start again and lose myself in a new city entirely, one with such an amazing history AND a language I can speak...) or the city itself. I arrived on a dank, grey Sunday afternoon after my 7 hour coach journey from Copenhagen which had involved a wonderful Australian and a ferry (nicht zusammen) and lots of sleeping, and found the flat in Charlottenberg where I am lodging. 

Berlin life so far.
I have been asked why I am undertaking a language course seeing as I can already speak German, and I have quickly come to the realisation that it's really a glorified reason to be living in Berlin for a while. I have always found the history of the city so interesting, and it really is up-and-coming more than ever, so I thought why not dust off my dictionary and go back to school, if only for three weeks. I am attending the GLS school in Prenzlauerberg, an area which I have fallen head over heels for.

It houses tiny streets jampacked with happy Germans sitting out drinking coffee at all hours, and is a really lovely campus (even if I'm not living on it) and with class only from 9 bis 12.30, I have the afternoons free to sight-see, wish I really am making the most of. It's a city of colour, age, and not too many tourists. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Even if the food shops aren't open on Sundays (I found that out the hard way), my German isn't up to scratch (I found this out the hard way too) and I have forgotten all about dative and accusative reflexive verbs (I found this out the hard way as well...).

I have just a small collection of photos as no one really wants to see photos of a classroom, so have a wee jumble of Things and anticipate a logical post in the next few days when I have done Real Things over the (hopefully sunny!!) weekend. Bis sp├Ąter!

Holocaust Memorial - the museum is free, but get there early or face a long queue as they only let 10 people in at a time due to the security checks. Leave your cameras in your bag, get an audio guide, and try to comprehend all the information and figures that you will learn. I am still trying to understand it all. Around the corner from the Museum is the Reichstag AND Brandenburg Gate (Tor) so you can knock all of those out in a few hours!

Checkpoint Charlie - free, and complete with overly friendly German guards.
'The smell of waffles binds more to life than all philosophical arguments' from my favourite coffee shop, Rosalyn, where Chai Lattes and Yoghurt may as well be served on tap; a lovely way to spend the morning break.
On a slight side note, I'd like to wish my Mum a very happy birthday! I am in Berlin (obviously) so made this teeny tribute at the Brandenburg gate and received some lovely looks from various tourists. Happy birthday Mum!

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