Thursday, 25 April 2013

Caviar, Cartier, and KaDeWe.


Indisputably the top shopping haven in Berlin, and the second biggest department store in Europe (second to Harrods nonetheless) with a history the size of its giant iron gates guarding the front door; KaDeWe (Kaufhas des Westens) is an experience in itself. I spent an afternoon in the store, wandering from floor to floor, being glared at by the shop assistants on the Women's Designer Wear floor (due to my grubby denim jacket and ripped tote bag of course) and drooling over the Gourmet Floor. 

The store is located adjacent to the Wittenburgplatz U Bahn station making it highly accessible, and sits just a 5 minute walk from Kurfuerstendamm, the "Luxury Boulevard" of Berlin. The inner shopping goddess of mine is wimpering. Much like when I frequent Harrods, I am going as a tourist, an observer, not a shopper, as the brands housed under this gold-plated roof are not your everyday afforables (I love you H&M), but the 5th floor will have something for everyone. I promise.

The gourmet floor-me. The king of all food halls. This champagne laden, pearl encrusted, cavier serving supermarket of the elite is heaving at the best of times, but for all the right reasons. Berlin's best pastries can be found here, alongside any type of loaf, meat, cheese, you could want. This is every foodie's heaven.

I was treated to an 'Eis Macaron' a concept that even I, as an amateur baker and cake lover extraordinare, hadn't thought of. For just €1.50, you can have a mouthful of macaroon sandwiches with M√∂venpick chocolate ice cream. Nab 3 of these beauties for €5 as they are just a mere mouthful of perfection - yes, I was left craving more. Take me back!

During my time in Berlin, I have had no shortage of Kaffee and Kuchen, which translates as the German equivalent to British Afternoon Tea, and is a hefty serving of hausgemacht German cake and/or pastries with a bucket of coffee. No, not literally. But I do believe that the Wintergarten Restuarant atop of KaDeWe in its glass conservatory, really is the winner for best so far. We went on a Monday afternoon which proved to be very quiet, and we were even able to steal a table at the window overlooking the city.

Much like the gourmet floor, every food imaginable was to be bought, but we drifted over to the cakes and dove in. Dad had an apricot meringue cake, whilst Mum and I shared strawberries with cream, and an apple and museli cake slice. Our tea was reasonable for the amount we ate, including three very scrummy coffees and smoothies on the side, and the service was perfect. The dinner looked yummy too but unfortunately we didn't stick around to try anymore as we waddled away, belts bulging, and I accompanied my parents to their U Bahn station from which they went to the airport.

All in all, listen to the guides on this one - KaDeWe is KaDeYAY in my books. (Oof, that was cheesy. I'm not even sorry.)

Inside the Wintergarten.

Pssssst, a totally well kept secret is that Moet and Chadon have a free photobooth on Floor 5 which, naturally, I hid in whilst my parents were looking at bathroom fittings.


  1. aaah it looks like you had so much fun! love the photo booth photos! :)

  2. Ah i'm too much of a pussy to have done a gap year, so wish I did though! Looks expensive though but what an experience!
    Looks amazing!!

    1. Yeah it's been really brilliant! Thank you for reading!! :) xx