Saturday, 6 April 2013

More Than ABBA And Ikea.

In my last few days, as well have over-dosing on art and resisting the 'Post-Art-Coma' that I am prone too, I decided that I would go to Sweden. No, it's not quite the excursion you would expect as trains from Roskilde, non-direct, run almost twice at hour across the bridg to Malmö and many a Swedish-Kroner-and-Art-Themed adventure.

This would be an apt time to plug my instagram if you wanted to give photos of Sweden and my general trip a look. Malmö was very welcoming, with the language being even lovelier to listen to Danish. There is much art to see (Malmö Kunsthall, the Malmö Moderna Kunst Museum - both of which I recommend) and many coffee shops to sit in.

Okay. I was tired. Less than I had hoped to achieve today was actualised, but I can always go back. And Hej (not hey, because that's not Swedish) I accidentally stumbled upon the countdown clock for Eurovision - only 44 days if you're wondering - and have made plans to go back and explore Sweden properly because while the postcards say 'Sweden', Malmö says 'we used to be Danish and you can really still tell"...

Town hall (very Swedish..)
Jamie Oliver in Swedish!
Thoroughly enjoying the Eurovision countdown clock, as it's just a month away from being held in Malmo!!
Thank you Sweden, Malmö, and thank you Roskilde for having me. Tomorrow I set off on a 7 hour coach to Berlin for my last adventure - wish me luck.

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