Thursday, 23 May 2013

Can I Have Some More?

Excuse me while I drool over my photos of food and drink from my trip; I am a terrible food-instragram-er as well as whacking out my actual big camera to photograph my dinner before I tuck in. But hey, it makes for great memories, photos, and blog posts so who's complaining.

Since returning home I have made an effort to get fit (ew), eat well (ew), and go to the gym (ew) and Rome was a well deserved three days off of carbs, three course dinners and ice cream on the way home - because where in England could you possibly find such a Geltaria on the way home? I often found myself sneaking into a coffee shop for a patented Italian coffee and pastry, or dashing into a darling Pizzeria 10 minutes from the Trevi fountain and ending up with four courses in front of was every foodie's dream.

On Via del Governo Vecchio on my way back from my ill-fated Vatican trip I discovered a wee coffee shop, 'Cantina & Cucina' from which the header image from this post is, where I can say - hand on heart - I had the best cappucino of my life and for just one Euro. The service was impeccable and wonderfully friendly. The shop is nestled in between vintage shops too, it is well worth a visit!

Spaghetti Carbonara just around the corner from the Pantheon.

Even the idea of going to Italy while sticking to a diet in foolish - the food is a dream come true. Carbs. Carbs. Carbs.

Veal in a gorgonzola sauce with roast potatoes. Just. Ugh.
My second recommendation is just a five minute walk from Plaza Del Popolo named 'Al Vantaggio' (their house wine is actually named after the house) where I found the best Panna Cotta of my life. Just the right amount of creamy, and enjoyed  with a glass of white. I don't care how middle aged I sound.

The best panna cotta in Rome. Bold claim. I will stick to it.

And finally, how could I not mention Giolitti? Recommended to me by my wonderful friends Lucy, Ella and Flo (thanks gals, I was told I had to cite you), Giolitti is heaving at peak meal times, and this is exactly how I found it, sitting in the backstreets of the Pantheon. It was mid-morning when I paid €3.50 for, yes, the best Gelato of all time. Pay in advance, join the queue, and smile horrendously. Ask any local and they will know where to point you - it's well worth the wait.
Giolitti; light of my life. G-i-o-l-i-t-t-i. The name rolls off the tongue, etc etc.
I said it about Copenhagen, perhaps I said it about both American and India too, but Rome really is the best place for food that I have travelled. Be it sweet or savoury, alcoholic or not (pah) the Italians have out done themselves. Regards price, be wary as the tourist areas naturally more expensive and set in place to trap the more naive of us travellers.

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