Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"There's [Nothing] Rotten in the State of Denmark"

I just wanted to quickly add photos of our (mine and Lucy's!) time in Roskilde as I wanted to give this town its dues, even if three of our days together were spent indoors watching the snow, cooking, eating ice cream, and watching SATC in bed. It's a beautiful town with a fabulous Cathedral and Viking Museum, and all the crazy amenities a town could want - with brilliant transport links to Copenhagen and thus to the rest of Denmark and to Sweden too. I needed this week to really relax as I found myself 'coming down' after the high of my crazy gap year and Lucy was the best ever person to hang out with in this if-a-little-too-cold-and-snowy haven. Photos below are pretty self explanatory.

It did clear up after a while, promise!
Lucy graces my blog wearing her FABULOUS Sarah Lund style jumper whilst writing her name in runes.

The frozen fjord (which melted before I left) was one of my favourite places to walk by - very serene.

Excitable undergrad puppy enjoying the snow.
Before we sat by and then discovered (in that order) a very dead, very fat seagull.

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