Sunday, 24 March 2013

Copenhagen/It's A Cure All Too.

So, my third and final gap year trip has commenced and I have found myself in Denmark - on the Zealand island, in Roskilde, to be precise. I am just a half hour train journey from Copenhagen and am learning to call the snow, the gorgeous people, and the near-death experiences with bikes home.

Copenhagen is the threes Cs: clean, character-full, and classy. All over. It’s exactly what the postcards suggest; a biking, foody, time-captured city with the most beautiful buildings and people to match. Lucy (full time Theology student at Leeds, part-time writer at Diva and my partner in crime) is visting from home for a week while we house-sit in Roskilde, and together we’ve been losing ourselves – quite literally – in Denmark’s capital city.

Blog, meet Lucy. Lucy, meet the internet.

Copenhagen has much to offer tourists, including a fabulous aray of museums and art galleries, shops, and lots of sight-seeing themed around 'The Killing' and Sarah Lund's fabulous jumpers. It is cold at the moment, and the cold season can last up to mid-May, so while Springtime is more the low season for tourists thus making it more attractive, wrap up warm and don the hat, gloves and scarf combo.

Already we have spent hours just walking around the city and looking at the architecture, while diving intermittently into coffee shops and bars to warm ourselves up, and this is most certainly a 'Look Up' kind of place. For the most aesthetically pleasing, you may want to head over to Nyhavn (translates as 'new harbour' - the Danes are very blatant) for the most colourful houses. The canal is lined with both restaurants and boat trips, both of which were heaving despite the sub zero temperatures. 

When in Copenhagen, do make sure to visit Rundtaaran, the city's answer to the Eiffel Tower, which gives you a bird eye's view of the skyline and across to Sweden for a mere 25kr. Furthermore, don't waste your energy walking to the Little Mermaid. I know, I know, and for this I am sorry, but do go for a drink in Norrebro or into Christiania for an alternative afternoon and skip this attraction - I think the bus loads of disappointed tourists we saw would agree. Do visit Christianborg Slot, and wander into Ameliaborg (the Queen's winter residence) to watch the changing of the guards. And finally, do take a free visit into Fredrik's Church for a bit of Theology-themed-sight-seeing.

Fredrik's Church - free viewing inside.
Lucy fangirling over the government building that 'FEATURED IN THE KILLING!' (that was me imitating Lucy's screeching..)

We took Copenhagen by storm, using the trains from Roskilde to get into the city. I have been very shocked  at the price of living here, and while Scandinavia is one of my favourite places (gay equality! Female prime minister! A minimum wage nearly triple the UK's! I could go on!) the cost of a coffee may set you back over £5 and the train fare was no mean feat either. I would definitely take that into account because, while Denmark has been a lot of fun, the cost is not wonderful for students on a budget. I'm not surprised that these cities are omitted on the interrailing trail...but overall, Copenhagen's attractions, pastries, and open-faced sandwiches get a big thumbs up from us. But a thumbs down from our wallets.

Horsing around in Churchill Parken.

Sorry Mermaid, but you get a big thumbs down from us.

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