Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bringing Back Britain: Glorious Brighton.

In a true revival of my love for all things British (excluding the EDL, marmite, extreme patriotism...I suppose), no Summer would be complete without an out of season trip to the good old British seaside and through drawing straws and many debates, Ben and I decided on the epitome of the south coast: Brighton.

With two of my best friends gracing the University of Sussex in September I felt it was only apt that we jump in the car and on the motorway for a dip in both the sea and culture and I was not disappointed. After a morning spent paddling in the sea (which, in case you were wondering, on a cold day in June really is not a good idea), we spent the afternoon wandering the Lanes, stumbling upon the vintage shops, cake shops galore, and of course, the wonder that is Snooper's Paradise. 

Yes. Please. Diet? What diet?
My highlight of the morning however, has to be the glory that is Choccywoccydoodah - the renowned chocolate cum cake cum coffee shop. And we were in heaven. While Brighton does not come up cheap in comparison to other British seaside towns (see: Southend or Great Yarmouth - though they really are not my favourites) the money spent lounging on their red vinyl chairs and gouging ourselves on the weekly special of Chocolate, Raspberry and Chilli cake, it was money well spent. Located just off the high street and the Lanes, it is perfect for a morning snack and was as much a tourist hot spot as the pier for us.

B feat. the sea and old pier.

Despite the rain that graced us just as we left the sea, we headed onto the pier for a drink and a few rounds of Dance Mat before stumbling upon the Royal Pavillion (where the art exhibition, Jeff Koons, had free admission! Such a steal!) and onto the Lanes. 

Thugs in Brighton.

Royal Pavillion.
I loved Brighton and can't wait to go back in the sunshine though it will be heaving on the beach! I love the British seaside but with a stick of rock in hand, my copy of Brighton Rock in the other, and balancing our Snooper's Paradise buys on our heads, this beat all other seaside towns for me. The culture, locals, and attitude of the general city really was one of a kind - and I cannot recommend it anymore.

Snooper's Paradise photobooth stands at just £3!
See you Brighton!

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