Sunday, 25 November 2012

Turkey, Guns and Giant Armadillos.

The Elementary School Science Fair!
The Scout Troop cake auction.

Woops, I guess I haven't been great at keeping this blog up to date (or at least not as consistent as I hoped I would) but the past two weeks have been even busier than the last nine weeks combined (I'm incredibly prone to hyperbole, sorry readers) due to a change of plans which means I am flying to the Big Apple this coming Thursday instead of next Friday, and I will be home from America for Christmas early next week.

I cannot believe that my time has gone so quickly; as I start to pack up my suitcases with the soundtrack of 24hr Christmas radio, it feels like just yesterday that I was unpacking in my new home in Hunter's Creek. I've been tying up loose ends and preparing for a second trip some point in the near future, as there is so much I have yet to do. Places to go, people to see, restaurants the boys are so eager for me to try...I can't believe I didn't fit it all into one trip (especially one two months long...) but I can safely say that my time in America has been an experience which I have enjoyed thoroughly - I can't wait to come back, and I'm planning to investigate the West Coast too so keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming plans involving San Fransisco, fingers crossed!

The last two weeks have seen my fourth and final Houston birthday, Meg's, and we celebrated with cakes, presents, and a visit to the local Italian. The following week was filled with Kindergarten, cycling, and Starbucks (as ever) and marching on through my reading list. Meg and I went for a girl's day out in Houston last Saturday which was fantastic, and featured the relaxation that we both needed. Food, shopping, dessert bars, bookshops, cowboy boots and drinks at sunset, all in midtown Houston. It doesn't really get much better than that. Amongst this, I also attended a cake auction which was, yes, as yummy as it sounds, and an all-american Science Fair. But at the end of the week came the climax of my trip: Thanksgiving.

Drinks in the evening sun.

How is it that I just happen across beautiful book shops? It's a talent I swear.
So, I've learnt the story of the pilgrims. I got my 4 days off. I've eaten the turkey, the sweet potato salad, the dirty rice, the Gumbo, the pumpkin pie, the pancakes and the bacon. I've attended the Pilgrim Festival and bought homemade jam. I played Airsoft (which I am brilliant at, may I hasten to add). I ate marshmallows by the creek and the campfire under the crimson Fall trees. I posed for the family photo. I watched the Thanksgiving Macy's Parade and the football game.

I slept lots, walked lots, and met extended family that I didn't even know existed. And I can now say, hand on heart, that Thanksgiving is all it's cracked up to be - it's a fantastic holiday that brings people together for a wonderful time. Oops, I'm getting all sentimental. We, as a family, congregated in Mansura in Mid-East Louisiana and spent the holiday together, eating and laughing like I'd known everyone for a lifetime. It was a fantastic weekend, undoubtedly the best American holiday I've encountered. See photos below!

Thanksgiving football.
"I don't understand the obsession with shooting..." "We're from Texas!"
Autumn by the cabin in rural Louisiana.
Meg and I!

I can't believe I'm heading home so soon, but I am so excited to be hitting New York city again on Thursday, just in time for Christmas shopping, ice skating, and High Tea in the Plaza - my treat. I also worked out that I'll have touched down in six states before I head home to Old Blighty which, in my opinion, isn't half bad.

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