Friday, 28 September 2012

Jet Lag - My Old Friend.

Hey y'all, today (and yesterday afternoon) were super exciting but I am exhausted, even after my first full night's sleep. Yesterday, we took a trip to St. Michael's - "the town that fooled the British" and Annapolis, Maryland's state capital, to look at the local area. On the way, we also stopped at an Amish food market. Amish! Such an experience. St. Michael's was across the bay, and absolutely beautiful. Houses with slatted walls, quaint little shops and a lovely marina. I couldn't help but laugh when I was told St. Michael's is an 'old' town when it's only 200 years old - compare that to towns from the 1500s in England! For those of you who adore history, this is a real steal as, with war of 1812 when the Americans fought the British, this is a hotspot for American History.

On the way home we stopped at a local haunt named 'the Jetty' where we had a drink and a bite to eat. I really mean a bite, the portions are much bigger here (and I'm sure I will be when I come home..). We came home then spent the evening in Annapolis, which has another lovely marina. The town was a little like Saffron Walden, in the way that they had tiny, quaint shops and a lovely feel to it. We walked around the State building and then had dinner in a beautiful pizza and wine restaurant with Glenda's daughter and grandson, and the place was perfect; just like someone's house had been opened up and started up as a restaurant.

Country roads, take me home..

Food. So much food.
3 hours sleep, who would know?
When we got home, I was absolutely exhausted and managed to sleep a normal amount but was woken up around 4am (the dreaded 4am jet-lag) to rain and I could have sworn I was in England, rain in the street lights. The weather is beautiful here and I'm not missing England too much...yet.

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